Air freight forwarding
Our many years of experience in providing air freight services enable us to meet the exacting expectations that this type of transport demands. We offer a comprehensive range of air freight services by working with freight agents from all over the world and by using tried and proven carriers.

We promise to care for all goods entrusted to us from the moment we pick them up from the supplier until the time they are delivered and unloaded by preparing the required transport documents, choosing the right air shipping company, and providing import and export customs clearance.

Air transport is possible from any international airport which accepts goods and is used by passenger and cargo lines. In Poland, we guarantee service in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Katowice, Wroclaw and Poznan airports.

We plan the right modes of transport to optimise costs and transit times, while maintaining quality of service, depending on the terms of the agreement, the size of the shipment and the requirements of the customer.

And so, goods may be exported bypassing national airports and using road transport services directly from the sender's door, before being shipped from any main airport. For imported goods, this will mean organising delivery from European airports to terminal warehouses in Poland. We also offer transit services for goods shipped through Poland to other EU and elsewhere.

Our Services Include:

Please remember the air shipment rates applicable for large volumes, viz. 1m3 = 167kg.